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Keep your bonefish

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Just a wild guess here, but you haven't caught a Bonefish have you?


--- Quote from: aussiebasser on January 31, 2013, 10:48:17 AM ---Just a wild guess here, but you haven't caught a Bonefish have you?

--- End quote ---


these are just a handfull enough i was implying.

Would be a hoot tho but not in much of a position to travel to chase bones at present.

Have you Dale ?

No, but a guy on here copped a flogging for catching Forkies and now you're telling us that sh!tpokes are better than Bonefish!

 :Oops) my bad  :-[

Gah dammit

Pest controll anyway

Foot in mouth disease


I'd love to have a go chasing the Carp Steve - shitpoke or not  ::) as long as their not put back ain't nothing wrong with that. I take it Dale is joshing ;D well at least I hope so. If you want a pseudo bonefish experience chase big mullet on fly especially big sea mullet as they go hard particularly in shallow water. And yes I have never caught bonefish either but have caught 50 cm sea mullet thick as long necks on a #4 weight. Well done fellas. Cheers Pat.


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