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Fly fishing newbie, needing advise


Carp hunter:
 Fly fishing Newbie, needing advice on carp
Hey fellas, as the title states I m new 2 fly fishing. Never tried, but I m interested in trying , living in SE qld will b targeting bass n carp, now I got a rod, second hand from the old man, not great but will do 4 a start, now line what type floating or sink n weight? Backing what 2 use? Leader ? N flys? Long weekend coming up n a camping trip on the river the go, so plenty of practice ahead ,river is cloudy at best so blind casting. The old man will be there so will have some one with a little experance on hand, not a lot but a little, any help will be good. Cheers

A sink tip line is pretty handy for Bass and Carp.  Straight 15lb Mono will get you by for a leader.  A hundred metres of left over 50lb Braid for backing.  For flies, you'll  need a couple of Wooly Buggers a small Clouser and a couple of Nymphs.


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