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how to catch a rabbit

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Good morrning                         
today i would like to show u a couple of easy ways to catch a rabbit. 1st is 3 point sticks  stuck in ground with para cord attacted to springy tree . As the rabbit comes across para cord to eat food in triangle ,it should bump cord off one of the pegs/ sticks and spring up traping rabbit.
2nd is very simple look for small tracks between long grass or scrub, once u find a track place rabbit snare on track . U could use snare wire ,para cord . These are a couple of easy ways you can catch food in survival situation.
cheers joe

This way looks better....

intresting technic ,thanks for showing us that , do u think it would work if u places nets over entrence and smoked out rabbits with burning grass?
cheers joe

this one is fare more complex then my set up with 3 pegs and spring tree . i will try this set up also . Small | Large
cheers joe

Carp hunter:
I m pretty sure the use of snares is illegal in Australia,


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