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Bass Flies and how to fish them

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I have photo's but they are at home on another computor sorry i will throw a few up on monday for you

Here you go Muz

The crystal flash has come loose on the bottom one but one of the first I tied now I use clear cure goo or UV knot sense over the body for securing and adds a nice looking effect to the body.

Id rather have the brighter pink on the bottom but the last bucktail I bought in pink was candy floss pink ? or something like that.

Simple to tie and for me works great


G'day Muzz good info for those contemplating chasing bass on fly  :youbeauty by far the best way to chase these great fish. My two fav flies to use is a "bum down" Gurgler tied Andrew Grabham style (see The Fishing DVD - Tied and fished with Morsie up at Lake MacDonald) and the Wiggle Minnow. Size #4 & #2 Gama B10S the go to hook mostly but I also like using the Mustad Aberdeen for Gurglers if I want them real light ,especially if I want to fish them off my #2wt. Here's a couple of flies that catch fish. Cheers Pat.


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