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wyaralong fly fishing?

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--- Quote from: bushwacker on November 24, 2014, 12:40:58 PM ---Excellent  ;D

All the carp flies I am using came from a shop in Ballarat i grabbed while i was there at the start of the year.

So mostly in the 8-10 size ... i tend not use much bigger but do get the odd hook straightening .... i go too hard sometimes too eager to rip  their head off  :Oops)

--- End quote ---
yeah all my buggers were about size twelve good for trout,cheers for that i'll tie a few in 8-10.They don't seem to mind the backstabbers tied on a size 6 either :thumbsup

Perfect  :)

Anything around that size that looks half woolly is great

they just don't seem to like bright colors in the creeks...  i doubt they would be much different in Wyaralong.

Might catch you around out there one day

I agree mate ,they'd be like the trout in that respect.i think the Dam fish like yellow because of all the corn kernels that people use as bait ;)


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