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wyaralong fly fishing?

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I didn't even know about the blue green algae thanks guys ,that was the end I was intending to fish too.Are there a lot of carp at the wall end?

Yeah mate there dow there as well

It is where we hold or carp and tillie contest. It is on again next year on 28th of February

you can like our blocked link site for more info.

sorry cant post it as it comes up blocked for some reason. Just Type in LAFMA or Logan and Albert Fish Managment Association in the search field

thanks i'll get on to that site :thumbsup

LAFMA isnt blocked, ALL FB links are blocked. There's no filtering of porn, swearing, vulgar, sexist, racist, hate images, text on that site, so I won't allow anyone to link to it. Had one person link to a page with porn on it, won't allow it again. Sorry, we have kids on here & won't allow sweetwater to be associated with any site that has this type of material freely available, that we can't control.

well went out to Wyaralong today saw plenty of big carp and had a few follows ,as it turned out my wooly buggers and nymphs were a bit on the small side but I did have a large grizzle and yellow marabou wooly bugger still stuck in my akubra from a previous trip chasing saratoga,and what do you know ? it worked :youbeauty


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