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Fly's for Advancetown Lake

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G'day Boy's, RP here,
I got into Fly in a small way about 8 years ago. A change in jobs saw me without the time I previously had, so the Fly gear was stored.
Been bothering me a bit lately, having all that gear on a shelf in the shed, so I got it out and decided that I now had the time to get back into fly fishing.

Advancetown Lake (Hinze Dam) is just down the road from me and an ideal place to get my technique back before I hit some of the rivers and creeks around home.
I intend to get in early and get out early as I'll be land based and the last thing I want to do is hook up some kid on my back cast  :-[

What I was wondering is what type of flys should I be using?
I'm not tying my own, just yet, so commercially available patterns are preferable.
Hoping to tap into the knowledge on sweetwater to save me unproductive trips.

Thanks in advance

I assume you will be fishing from one of the ramps? That limits your fishing tremendously at Hinze dam on the count of the weed matts.


I assume there is bass in there, and if weed mats are a problem jump on some Rob Mead gutless frogs (weedless). You can find them on Rainy's website (


I'd be packing some small Dahlbergs in natural colour, some of Desi Welsh's Bass Vampires, and even some small Muddler Minnows.

As Bushwacker said  you will be limited land based there. I take 2 rods to Hinze - 4wt floater use small foam poppers casting to edges & 8 weight with striper 4 line  . We are using polar fibre clousers at the moment, brown works good, I also like a fly with a marabou tail , few strands of mirror flash then a chenelle body with brass bumbell eyes.  Havent used a vampire for a while now, polar fibre & marabou have lots more action


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