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Murray Cod & Barra Flies

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Jeff Brown:
The only thing changing faster than fly rod technology is what we have available in materials for tying the flies we use.

H20 have recently released a material know as Streamer brush and is available in two sizes, 1 & 2 inch. This sizing is the length of the material each side of the central core.

Flies such as the Pink Thing can now be tied with synthetics making them easier to cast as water is shed from the fly during casting.

Adding eyes, either tie in or stick on, lead wire or rattles is no different from previous techniques.

The fly pictured is easily cast on an 8wt rod and has plenty of profile. Murray cod anglers often come across from the bass & trout arenas and many have rods no heavier than a 6wt and are more comfortable casting smaller offerings.

The beauty of these synthetics from H2O & Wapsi allows for simply to scaling down of patterns and, if you want to push extra water without adding heavy bulk to your fly tie in a sub collar using Wapsi "Flexi-Cord Light (1/4 or 3/8'' depending on fly size) prior to tying in your Streamer Brush.

This technique is used with the Zonker Tailed Fly pictured and this fly has been designed for bass, yellowbelly & smaller cod.

Streamer Brush is available in a wide range of colours suitable for many applications so have a chat to your fly tying supplier.

For wholesale inquiries contact E.J. Todd & Son

G'day Jeff,

What a great 1st post to start off with, welcome to Sweetwater Fishing mate!

Thanks for sharing your report, I couldn't imagine how kaotic it would be to get hit on fly by a fiesty Cod without it running straight back into it's log jambed home.

Those flies certainly do look the goods!

Cheers Dave

Jeff Brown:
Thanks Dave,
I admit to having a few nervous moments.

Plenty of time spent on species such as bass, kingfish and wiley brown trout in tight country gives you a decent start.

I an happy to share fly designs with the Sweetwater community, all people need to do is drop me a line.

Tight lines.


Hi Jeff
I'm a keen flyfisher also. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I'm a zonker fan so really like the second fly will have to get myself some streamer brush looks great material. Caught a couple of Cod last month they were my first flyfishing . I normally strike quickly , but one fish I was memorized & watched him take a few meteres of line was so good.     

great stuff mate, will have to get my tying kit out again and get some of those materials and put some together myself

 Cheers mate


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