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We are heading up to Cania over the next week then work our way down the Burnett.
Hope to use the fly rod most of the time and like play with the Saratoga.

Any advice on flys that may go well in Cania.  I have a stack of Clowsers, a few shrimp and worm pattens, surface bugs, beetles and catapillars. Also some surface poppers that were recomended.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Brett Guy:
Hey mate. I reckon I would be taking along a few deciever stle flies as well(natural and synthetic types)

I dont think it would matter a terrible amount what pattern fly you use as long as its either surface or sub.


How do the Toga react to the drop in water temperature?
Are they still caught throughout the colder months?
Sorry I don't know what flies to recommend, that is something I am yet to try.


Caught hundreds of em on fly at Cania.

My favourite is a Dahlberg on an intermediate line, short leader, maybe 1 meter.

Peg it out, get one or two bloops with the dahlberg, you might get a surface strike or attract some attention...then let the slow sink line pull the fly under. I've waited upto a minute (depending on water depth) & then stripped down to find the fly has been grabbed.

IMHO a foot under the surface is twice as good as "on" the surface.

Can get them in winter, the maybe don't do somersaults to hit a lure or fly, but they still feed, maybe just a little deeper.

'Toga are one of the dumbest fish going sometimes (is that why they're my favourite fish??? hhmmm). They're often not that fussy so long as you put it in the middle of their patrol lane...




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