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Bass on fly


Headed out last Sunday morning looking for some cleaner ,warmer water after recent rains made the local spots less than ideal. The plan was to get some bass on fly early then test some homemade lures later after the prime feeding time had passed. Launching at 4.00 am I had my first fish yakside after it took the surface popper fly by the edge of a weed bed. A small boof in the area alerted me to it's presence and only one cast was needed with a single pop to have the fly taken. The fish was a healthy 38 cm fish and quite solid. Things went quiet from here on so after an hour or so on the fly rod I pulled out the homemade lures to see if the recent creations swam straight. Pretty happy with them so I tied on one that has caught fish before and a cast under an overhang got snaffled on the first crank. A 31 cm fish came to hand sporting a dirty tag out his side. I found out later that the fish was tagged in the same area last March and hadn't grown at all - 9 months and no growth. This seems a bit weird considering the huge amount of bait in this system. I fished a few pools with the only other thing taking my homemade lures a water dragon  :o On the way out I changed back to the fly rod this time with a subsurface fly - a bucktail Bass Vampire and pulled another bass in the same spot as the first a bit smaller at 35 cm. This spot has great potential for a night fish but the numerous portages will make it an interesting time. Cheers PAT


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