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Twisted Leader


I was at a gathering recently and mentioned twisted leaders and someone said he makes them from 4 strand to 2 strand to 1.  (I think it may have been '4weightfanatic' I am not sure). If any body is familiar with this I would love a brief description on how to do this.

Regards BG

4-2-1 is the standard format.  Bit hard to describe.
This clip shows the technique for twisting. If you want a leader that is 2' single, 2' double and 2' quadruple start out with about 11' of line.  Where this guy twists all the way to the end, for your first twist don't exactly double the line, leave 2' over, than for your second twist spine 2/3rds of the double.  Or copy this one and use a loop to loop for your tippet. Small | Large

G'Day BG are you looking at making these leaders for fly casting ? As I have heard of people using them on spin gear but seems pointless to me with shock absorption the only benefit I can see as you don't need to "roll out" a leader with spin gear. I make a few leaders without worrying "too" much about precise formulas but aim at a 4-2-1 strand leader around 5-6 feet then add a tippet to that to finish around 8-9 ft. I try and stick to a finished main leader ( minus tippet)of 50-60% butt and 20-25% mid & front taper. I'll start with about 5-7 metres of 10 or 15 kg Penn 10x mono fold it over double so the single "tag" is the length required e.g.1.5-2 ft for the front section. Hand twist to make the double strands then knot (or whip finish see at bottom ###). Again fold over the double strands so the desired length of the "mid section" is created with the doubled line e.g 1.5-2 ft. Hand twist the two double strands (to make 4) and again knot or whip finish the tag end. Always leave 50mm or so untwisted at the end to facilitate knotting or whip finishing. This should give you a tapered leader around 6-8 ft and should roll out nicely when flicked out with your hand. To this I will add a one or two stage tippet eg a straight 1 metre of 10 kg FC (which I have been trialling on Tuna this last month) or two feet of 10 kg and two feet of 7 kg. Don't get too involved in complicated tippets but having the butt stiff enough to turn over and transfer the energy from the flyline is important. Penn 10x is a reasonable soft leader material but when twisted 4 times is stiff enough to turn over bigger flies.###Regarding knotting the twisted parts of the leader. A double or triple surgeons knot seems to be a method most used to knot the stepped downs in you leader but I find they are a bulky knot and very hard to get to "lay" straight. You have to make sure all strands remain aligned and none "cross " over. I have been trialling whip finishing the ends with Flat Waxed Nylon tying thread and pulling the thread back under the wraps by poking the tag in a loop (laid on top of the thread then bound over) back under as you would when binding a rod for instance. Comprenda !!!. Wrap the ends first then lay a small loop of thread (pre made) on top of the desired amount of wraps - wrap over this several times then cut the thread poke the tag through the loop pulling it back under the wraps. Trim the tag. I have been coating the wraps with Sally Hansens Hard as Nails. If I am using a fast sinking line I just do a two stage leader around 5-7 ft with half twisted double tied with a double surgeons. Here's a bad pic showing the whip finish on a 4-2-1 twisted leader. Cheers Pat

Thanks fellas, great stuf there.  That video tells the story, it looks I will be putting the battery drill away.

Thanks Pat, I think you put me on to the Sally Hansen also.  I have thought about whipping at that point will give it a go.
Hope you wern't chasing the Tuna with a 4 weight,  but then I guess you would have to give it a go hey.

Regards BG

Cheers BG funny you should mention the #4 weight as I would have got more action from the baitfish as the Tuna were very hard to find. Out of three days fishing (2 in a competition) I only managed three casts at fish the rest of the time we were casting to heaps of bait happily feeding on the surface and obviously not being fed on by Tuna !!! The fish I got to cast to were around the 80 cm mark Longtails off Old Woman Island north of Mooloolaba. I was using an #8 and a #10 weight rod with a pink surf candy fly #2/0. Cheers Pat.


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