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Started testing the entries on the weekend.... I've got to say, there's some pretty impressive lures in there.

Slight delay in finalising testing, one of the lures was lost on the weekend by a mate (Steve Wheelbarrow) so we've bought replacement to continue field testing this weekend during cod opening in New England. Lost is somewhere off his kayak, an hours search by both of us couldn't find it.  :'(

Will announce winner as soon as a decision is made.  :youbeauty

Wait until I get some pics up & you see the entries.  :Clap)

Ok, sorry for the delay in getting this done, had lots of balls in the air the past few weeks. In my few moments of spare time & a couple of trips in cod country I've been swimming all of the entries. I got to say OMG..!!! How good are Aussie lure makers. ALL of them are amazing & that's not taking in the paint jobs & the finish even though the idea wasn't about looks. I was shooting some video on the weekend showing lure by lure comparisons, but battery went flat so I'll finish video over Xmas.

9 lures entered in total.
All of the lures had their strengths & to be honest weaknsses as well, however I'm very very impressed with all of them overall.

 I pushed them all from twitching, to slow to fast restrieve.   Some worked better at different speeds, some went subsurface with a little speed, some stayed on top.

Anyhow, until I finish shooting a bit more video & get some pics, I can't show you all a comparison & to be honest when some folks see these lures worked in an apples for apples scenario you may prefer things different to me. However I'm going to name the winner as James Judd from Gobsmacked Lures

I've called the big fella to notify him there's $500 on the way, & he immediately donated half of it to fish stocking....!!! Well done big fella.

Again,  my appologies for slow reply, things have been a little out of control with cancelled trips etc. I'll get some video & pics up as soon as I can.

Congrats & thanks to those lure maker who thrw their hats into the ring.
Merry Christmas to all.




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