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Quailty Spinnerbaits for Big Cod?


Hey all,

Just looking for some suggestions on some Spinner bait brands that will hold up against big cod at Copeton/Pindari.

Have ran Bassman in the past, and Loddon Lures Spinners more recently, just wondering if there is any others I should consider before doing a big order on a brand?

I Loved the Loddon's because of the range of colors/sizes/blades/price you can pick and choose when ordering. Make a spinner to your desire. Just a bit worried they wouldn't hold up to some big cod as had a few bend really easy/snap blades off. Then again that is probably just me being rough on the gear.

So just wondering if there is any other brands to have a look at, that is a decent price and has a big range of options to choose from.


There's a couple of spinnerbait makers on the Australian Lure Shop .

Direct links
Ninja Lures ,

Last Cast Spinnerbaits

Decnic Lures Cod Series spinnerbaits with some stock available.

I have fished Glenlyon dam two days before and three days after the full moon for the last two months. We have caught and released 24 cod ranging from 95cm to 63cm, and all were caught on gangster Mother Froggers spinner baits 1oz. I have tried most spinner baits on the market and they all work to a certain degree, But the best so far are Gangesters, they are available at Bobs Tackle world Wagga, but they are reasonable expensive around $16 each. I use the double Colorado silver blades with the white frog and either the orange or black and white skirts. I hope this has helped, I will be at Glenlyon dam again this month on the build up to the full moon.


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