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Lure recommendations

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Probably a good time to ask this question with the Lure & Fly Show on next month as I am looking for recommendations on a selection of spinner baits and lures (both top water and crank) to look at for a planned cod trip to the new england area.

Will look at a selection of a dozen spinner baits and a similar number of other lures initially, looking forward to the replies.


my mate and I have been catching good numbers of cod in two separate river systems in the new England area ..everyone has favourite colours but we have had good success with green and orange /purple/yellow and black....spinnerbaits in purple or red black work for us

Glen Casey from Bassman Spinnerbaits will be at the Lure Show.  What he doesn't know about Spinnerbaits isn't worth knowing.  As for the Hard Bodies, at the Lure Show, let your imagination run wild.  Australia's best will be there.

sorry for my ignorance but where and when is lure show



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