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Prefered Species for restocking at Lake Somerset

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--- Quote from: Chep Buxley on August 01, 2013, 08:50:42 AM ---MANGROVE JACK
Not likely to happen but would be interesting.
Perhaps they could be trained to take jetskiers off the surface?

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G'day Chep

Unfortunately there's two things stopping Mangrove Jack being stocked into Somerset:

1- supply of fingerlings
2- were not permitted to stock mangrove jack into Somerset.

Maybe a future option.....

If we're to swap Golden Perch and Silver Perch for Mary River Cod and Saratoga, maybe we should look at raising the bag limits on the new species so SIP holders can still take home a decent feed of fish.


--- Quote from: Sweetwater on August 01, 2013, 11:18:37 AM ---G'day Muzfox,

There has been alot of Saratoga stocked into the top of Lake Somerset. Have you gone up chasing them there yet?


--- End quote ---

Now I did not know that. Fished Somerset for 10 years when I had the stinker. Definitely going to have to think about a trip up there now. Guessing launching near Kilcoy is the best option? New flies to tie  :thanks

I feel so ordinary, voting with the majority. Having said that, I think the smaller dams like hinz, kurwongbah and MacDonald are more enjoyable fish for toga etc

A decent feed of Toga Dale ? got any recipes only person I know that ate one was very disappointed.


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