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Bib material. Polycarbonate vs Acrylic Perspex

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Freshwater Newby77:
Gidday all.
I'm trying to buy sheets of polycarbonate but the postage is a killer-$13!
In contrast,I can get Acrylic Perspex much cheaper in cost and postage.
My question is What is the difference? Is Poly a bit like an ice cream lid,in that its flexible,& Acrylic is not?
Any input appreciated gents.Marty.

Acrylic is optically clearer, around 94% whilst polycarb is around 85%, not a huge difference.

Polycarb has a lot higher impact strength. Say 100 times stronger than glass where as Acrylic is only around 25 times.

Acrylic is more resistant to scratching however, polycarb can scratch up easier, tends to be a bit softer.

Acrylic has a slightly lower speciifc gravity, 1.14 approx where as polycarb is approx 1.2. This means Polycarb will sink a bit better, slightly anyway.

Freshwater Newby77:
Cheers Muz,so it'd be OK/people use the Acrylic Perspex then?

Not sure what people do use, it will work, whether it's better..not sure.

I thing most use poly carb. Perspex tends to crack & break too easily.

Better than both IMHO is an alloy or stainless bib.....bulletproof by comparison


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