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New Kayak

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Hi my name is Barry Tribe i have just paid for a hobie mirage pro angler14.
It will have a lowrance elite 7 hdi sounder so hope this will be ok for it, will be ready next week for
to pick up. So now will have to find a place to test it out and catch a fish to break it in. not going to put too much on it till i know
where and how it looks good when see it in the shop instead of computer.
So any help will be good. :thanks

Nothing else you need on them mate except a brag mat


Hi Barry, long time no see. Welcome aboard and welcome to the world of kayak fishing, tho a PA14 is almost a boat.

You won't be restricted by the availability of boat ramps now.... Every park near a creek, every beach or bridge is an access point. Half the fun is exploring. Check out some of the pages on sweetwater main site and there's some posts on the forum here showing spots to try.



Hi long time no see, yes i thought about getting one for quite a while but was not sure. i have not fished for such a long time.
Just hope i have brought the right one. will get it next week once its all fitted up.
What have you been up too.

Thanks steven
So i go will go  buy one, not sure where to go try out as yet but thinking about going up to monduron i think its called.
have been up there before but not sure how i will go but up to the challege i think.


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