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Clifton Carp for Cancer


Thought you might be interested in this. On this weekend.
Hey Tony don't forget your corn.
Take part in a carp-catching competition to rid our waterways of this exotic pest AND you'll be helping raise funds for prostate cancer research.

You can camp the night at Clifton for an extra $2.50 and make a fun family weekend of it.

Clifton Carp for Cancer
September 17-19
Condamine River - O'Leary Road, Clifton
adults $20, children $7, family $50

(Edit - Linked to Calendar by admin. Thanks for posting Broady)

Bugger! wish I had known about this one earlier, I would have been there with bells on. Missus has already gone away for the weekend leaving me minding the kids!

Could you please give us a heads up a bit earlier next year.


The Australian Bass Assoc donated $500.00 to this comp .

Great to rid the carp and up most the donations to the cancer fund raiser.

Hope they make plenty of money for this great cause.

Cheers ABA Vice Pressy !


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