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Lake Wivenhoe Bass & Golden Perch are firing


Been getting some great bass and golden perch in Lake Wivenhoe lately. See attached pictures below

Daryl Adcock:
Hey Sweetwater,
If you donít mind me asking have you been launching from Loganís or Billies Bay.  I launched from Loganís this arvo and headed northerly towards Somerset but only found big catties. They ate everything from lures to blades to ice jigs!! Any tips would be great. Cheers, Daryl

Daryl, you just have to wait for the water temperature to cool down a bit more yet. Catties will slow right up, and the bass and yellows will be plentiful.

Daryl Adcock:
Thanks Damo, Iíve heard the catties slow down a bit - hereís hoping. The kids love it though, plenty of action!! Itís a bit different to hitting a river bank with some shrimp and a bobbing rod having to sound out a wide body of water looking for fish. The fun is in the chase they reckon.

G'day Sweetwater,

Thanks for the report, you done good.

Hard for me to catch anything being land based especially now I have left foot droop from sciatica nerve damage.

Any spots land based or only from a boat (which I don't have one)?



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