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Dumaresq River 10.5.21


Wow , its been a awhile since I have done one of these.

I haven't fished the Dumaresq due the the drought, river not flowing and virtually dry.

So after the Major flood a month or so ago I thought I would go and check it out.

She is running clean with a good base flow, all that choked up weed has been cleared.

Weather was perfect, did an arvo session into the early evening. I'l let the pictures tel the story.

Gibraltar reserve.

Plenty of flood debris.

The big log at the end of the anabranch has been moved.

The night got cold quick. The fish weren't playing so I called it quits.
With Glen Lyon with some water in it now I am optimistic that the river should be ok for the next year or two at least.



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