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NSW Fisheries Important Press Release.


Please read this.  Any NSW fishos interested in getting involved?

--- Quote ---Expressions of Interest are invited from persons with expertise in various aspects of recreational fishing to be appointed to fill vacancies on the Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing (ACoRF), Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFFTEC) and the Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFSTEC). Applicants should have knowledge of recreational fishing issues, and a willingness to assist in consultation on these issues.
Vacancies for positions on ACoRF include:
 Estuary Fishing Applicants must have expertise in estuary fishing.
 Offshore Fishing Applicants must have expertise in offshore fishing.
 Freshwater Fishing Applicants must have expertise in freshwater fishing.
 Charter Boat Fishing Applicants must have expertise in charter boat fishing.
Vacancies for positions on RFFTEC include:
 Region 1 - North Coast.
 Region 4 - Inner North West.
 Region 5 - Inner Central West.
 Region 7 - North West.
 Region 8 - South West.
Vacancies for positions on RFSTEC include:
 Region 1 Applicant must reside between Tweed Heads and Evans Head.
 Region 4 Applicant must reside between Port Macquarie and Seal Rocks.
 Region 6a Applicant must reside between The Entrance and Wollongong.
 Region 7 Applicant must reside between Wollongong and Narooma.
Representatives on ACoRF, RFFTEC and RFSTEC meet up to three times each year, generally in Sydney. Members are paid a sitting fee, travel and accommodation expenses and are appointed for terms of up to three years. Applications are encouraged from women, persons from non-English speaking backgrounds and Indigenous Australians.
Expressions of Interest should clearly indicate the position(s) sought and include a resume detailing experience, knowledge and any affiliations relevant to the position(s), and be sent to: Recreational Fisheries Confidential, Industry & Investment NSW, PO Box 21, Cronulla NSW 2230.
The closing date for applications for the ACoRF and RFSTEC positions is Thursday 7 October 2010.
The closing date for applications for the RFFTEC positions is Friday 15 October 2010. For further information visit the I&I NSW website: or contact Eddie Douglas on (02) 9527 8439 or email
--- End quote ---


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