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Tinaroo Dam - Notice to Mariners


Maritime Safety Queensland
Queensland Notices to Mariners
793 (Temporary) of 2010
Outside pilotage areas

Locality: Black Gully Boat Ramp, Lake Tinaroo
Activity: flare demonstration

Mariners are advised that a flare demonstration will be held at the Black Gully Boat Ramp, Lake
Tinaroo on Saturday, 18 September 2010. The demonstration will be held between the hours of
1730 and 1800.
Approval is granted for the use of hand held red and orange smoke flares only.

AUS charts affected: none
Maritime Safety Queensland charts affected: none
Note: latitude and longitude positions on WGS84 horizontal datum (compatible with GDA94 datum).
For further information about this notice, please contact:
The Cairns Regional Harbour Masterís office on 07 4052 7400
Authorised by: Director (Maritime Services)
Issued: Brisbane 15 September 2010


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