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Record rain not enough to end drought


Record rain not enough to end drought

[html]The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says Australia is experiencing its wettest year on record since 2000.

New figures show this year's rainfall across Australia is 30 per cent above average.

Last month was the wettest September on record across the country, and rainfall in Queensland and the Murray-Darling Basin is the highest it has been since 1974.

But BOM's Dr Blair Trewin says it is too early to declare Australia's decade-long drought over.

"While the short-term drought has been removed from eastern Australia, we'd say that the rain has made only fairly limited in-roads into the very long-term drought that we've seen in south-east Australia over the last decade or more," he said.

Dr Trewin says areas most affected by the drought in Australia's south-west have not experienced this year's increase in rainfall.


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