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Caboolture River - Caboolture
THE Caboolture River is a small coastal river that runs into Deception Bay, at the northern end of Moreton Bay, just south of the Pummicestone Passage and Bribie Island. The total catchment area is 728km2. The name Caboolture takes its name from the Aboriginal word Kabul-Tur meaning place of the carpet snakes. There is good section of navagible water from the river mouth upto the weir at Caboolture.
There are 2 public boat ramps , one on each side of the river near the river mouth.
The southern ramp is accessed from Uhlmann Rd, Burpengary. This ramp has 2 concrete lanes but is of a low gradient. It can be hard to launch without gettting your car wet. Limited parking available on side of access road.
Caboolture River Southern side boat ramp.
Click on image for larger version
The northern boat ramp is accessed via Beachmere. Take the Bribie Island exit, turn right into Caboolture - Beachmere Rd, then turn right into Moreton Tce and follow to the end. Here there are 2 separate ramps with a good angle to launch and ample parking. It is probably the prefered launching site, although it is further to drive from Brisbane than the ramp on Uhlmann Rd.
Caboolture River Northern side boat ramp.
Click on image for larger version
While not renown as a great fishery, The Caboolture River can and does produce Bass, Tarpon, Bream, Flathead and Mullet on a regular basis with Mangrove Jack showing up in the summer months. There is some good stream bank cover in some areas that is always worth a cast at and plenty of snags, rocks and drop-offs there for those who have a decent fish finder.
There has been no reports of Jungle Perch in this river for some years now due to the presence of a weir just upstream of the Bruce Highway at Caboolture. An ineffective fishway on the weir is in dire need of an upgrade to allow native fish to migrate both up and downstream to complete their life-cycle. Bass and Mullet are stocked upstream of the weir by a local Fish Stocking Group.
Another problem is the amount of rubbish that can be found in the river around the Bruce Hwy and Caboolture town.
There are a few feeder creeks that flow into the Caboolture River. The bigger ones are King John Creek, Goong Creek and Sheep Station Creek. All of these can hold fish at times.

Fallen Trees Steep banks with snags The Bruce Highway over the Caboolture River The Caboolture Weir Sheep Station Creek Moored boats
There are plenty of snags for fish to call home. All of them are worth a cast.....
The Bruce Highway over the Caboolture River
The Caboolture Weir is a barrier to fish migration
Small feeder creeks can be home to good fish
Casting around moored boats can produce good bream. Dont hit the boats!!!
Click on any of the images above for a larger version

The top side of the Caboolture weir is stocked with Australian Bass and Mullet.
It is unsuitable for boating but great for canoes or bank fishing.
There is large areas of bank access through Caboolture.

View from footbridge over Caboolture River
Some suitable fish holding structure is available


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