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Sweetwater Fishing Articles

If you've written an article that applies to sweetwater fishing in Australia, feel free to Email it to us & we will put it up here for all to enjoy.
Sweetwater Fishing Team

Fishing The North Maroochy River by Dave Brace
THE North Maroochy River is a long river system that branches off and extends from the South Maroochy River at Yandina all the way north to Eewah Vale on the Sunshine Coast, however the lower reaches of the river are more accessible to the angler.
Read More >>>

Changing Seasons by Johnny Mitchell
ONE of the keys of significance in all 'Man versus the Wilderness' situations, is the fact of changing seasons. How they help highlight the changing playing field is of importance if hunters or anglers want to get a handle on how to approach each day in the outback or every day on the water. I see many chapters that apply to all three of these interests; filming, fishing and hunting. Read More >>>

Fly Fishing The Dams of the Central Tablelands of NSW by John Coles
The Central Tablelands has been a Mecca for fly fishers since the late 1940's. Many fly fishers make a bee-line for the streams of the area and often ignore the impoundment's. The still water fishing of this area should not be over looked there's some very good fishing to be had, about a three hour drive west of Sydney. Read More >>>

Wader Maintenance and Repairs by Jeff Brown
For wader owners general maintenance takes only a few minutes and potentially adds substantial lifespan to your product. At the end of each day, when possible, wash mud from your boots and wader legs, this is the simplest of all maintenance. This holds more importance when you are wearing one of the many varieties of breathable wader now available. The build up of dirt & grime on the outer fabric will decrease the ability of the fabric to breath to its maximum capability.
Read More >>>

Big Barra, the One Percenters by Jason Wilhelm
I guess its human nature to blame everything else except your own shortfalls when measuring the results of your last trip to a dam like Awoonga.
Bad weather, windy conditions and a falling barometer become the catchcry when we fail in our fishing endeavours, but realistically is there something else we have overlooked?
Read More >>>

Water Temperature and Lake Barramundi by Johnny Mitchell
Paranoia and fixation with water temperature readings on the depth sounders is common place with many barra anglers. Summer and Winter fishing will see many anglers in search for the warmest possible waters.... Read More>>>

Deeper Within The Realm by Johnny Mitchell
Barramundi are assorted in distribution within lakes because barramundi do not all feed at the same time nor in the same place or on the same day. Fish vary in size, age, condition, health, and are always at varying stages of digestion. Dinner bells ring constantly in lakes and each fish has its turn to feed when the urge creeps in or when opportunity arises. Barra that you encounter today may well be in a 'sleep like' torpor tomorrow.... Read More>>>

Product Review - Kingston Lures, Thundertail Spinnerbait by Neil Slater
Neil Slater put the new Thundertail spinnerbait from Kinston Lures through its paces. Read the review HERE>>>

Product Review - Snowbee Dry Bags and Duffles by Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown puts the new Snowbee range of Travel Dry Bags and Duffle Bags to the test. Read the product test HERE>>>

2007 Lake Mulwala Cod Opening Classic Report by Neil Slater
THIS year's Yamaha Cod Classic was an absolute cracker with the weather and the fish turning it on. The last few years old 'mother nasty' made it hard, but this year we were greeted with mid thirties and relatively calm conditions. Read More>>>

Hunting Barra From Boats by Johhny Mitchell
BARRA fishing from boats is becoming more modernised with high tech fishing rods, reels, lures, gps and depth sounders to name a few. The basic form of "hunting" seems to be fading and elapsing. In many cases it's not evident at all with a new age approach from many anglers/boaties that far decreases chances of succeeding. Read More>>>

Short Range Trout Fishing by Jeff Brown
WHEN it comes to fly fishing for trout most people seem very happy when they are casting around the 12-15m mark. What happens when the fish are closer? Short range fly casting is an essential part of a fly fisher's repertoire however; it seems this is an area most people get into trouble. Why? Read More>>>

Applying Your Knowledge by Johhny Mitchell
Three casts later, he was on again, a 115cm fish busting clear of the water like a torpedo.
We had struck gold, our positive thinking and application of past experiences had paid off! During that afternoon 17 barra were hooked, mostly on that one lure.
Read More >>>

A Macro on Lake Barra by Johnny Mitchell
Weed beds, snags, lily pads and any form of structure is a common target destination for many lake anglers. Awoonga has all forms of structure, but which is best?

Solving the Barra Puzzle by Jason Bird
Without so much as a single mention of any Credence Clearwater Revival songs, Jason Bird writes about how he uses moon phases, water temperatures and periods of light and dark for better Barra fishing success. Read More >>>

Awoonga Dam Hotspots by Johnny Mitchell
"Where did you catch them and what lures caught the fish?" These are two common questions that arise at boat ramps at dusk on the average day.
Read more >>>

Lake Mulwala Hotspots by Ian Stead
Ian Stead gives ua a guided tour around Lake Mulwala showing us the hot spots along the way.
Read the article HERE>>>

Down Riggers - Changing Tactics by Mick Gregory
When talking fishing, downrigging seems to be one topic where there is no middle ground, fisho’s are either proficient with them or have never had the opportunity to use one. Read More>>>

Family Fishing Trip to Northern Territory by Tony Bennett
Big fish were smashing mullet all over the place so the natural weapon of choice was a shallow diving, silver mullet colored lure. After a couple of big hits that failed to hook up "BINGO" I was onto a fish that was sure to blow my PB of 81cms away. Read More>>>

The Mighty Murray River - Part 2 The Main Arterial by Neil Slater
The Murray River stretches across some 2600 kilometers and 3 states being Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The river boasts fauna and flora that keeps the nature lovers coming back and is renowned as one of the better fishing destinations for the travelling angler. Read More>>>

Fishing The Dawson River by Garry Fitzgerald
The Dawson River is steeped in fishing folklore with tales of bulldust and corrugated roads leading to remote fishing holes and the associated big fish tales. Read More>>>

The Mighty Murray River - Introduction by Neil Slater
Winding it's way down from the Victorian and New South Wales highlands, the Murray River has been the core of many legends and the inspiration of artist's brushes throughout Australia's history. The Mighty Murray also has a lot to offer the travelling angler!

Peter Faust Dam Revisited by Jason (Birdy) Bird
Birdy gives us a great insight into the use of soft plactics, suspending and sinking lures for catching barramundi at Peter Faust Dam.
The wind was howling as we dropped the anchor into the weed bed just on dark and proceeded to cast both soft and hard bodied lures off a distinct weed edge, not long after a 100cm fish inhaled the 110mm Slick Rig I was casting. Read More>>>

Surface Luring for Bass by Garry Fitzgerald
Talk to any devoted bass angler and you will probably find that one of their favourite forms of fishing is topwater action.
Nights spent on silent streams with only the sounds of your own movements, combined with any local wildlife is great in itself, but when the sound gets shattered by a boofing bass it can turn even the most skeptical angler into an addict. Read More>>>

2006 Yamaha Cod Classic Report by Neil Slater
Anglers from every state in Australia flooded into the towns on Yarrawonga and Mulwala on the first weekend of December for the Yamaha Cod Classic. A total catch and released competition held by Mulwala Football and Netball Club, the competition attracted a staggering 2660 registered anglers and set another world record for number of participants at an inland fishing competition. Read More>>>

Fishing Guide to Lake Burrendong by Peter (Swano) Swanson
Situated an easy one hours drive from both Dubbo to the west and Orange from the south east lies an impressive expanse of water when at capacity is more than three times larger than Sydney habour. Read more>>>

High mercury levels found in Hinze Dam Fish ABC News (External link)
The Queensland Government is asking councils to test freshwater fish in their local dams, after high levels of mercury were found in fish on the Gold Coast in the state's south-east. Read more>>> Link is to ABC News website.

Cumberland River Browns by Neil Slater
The Cumberland River in one of my favourite fishing destinations along the Victorian coastline. This is not a place of monster fish and they aren't so plentiful you can walk across their backs - it's the scenery… Read more>>>

Casting for Cod in Mulwala's Margins by Neil Slater
Some of the best freshwater lure casting in southern Australia can be had around the log-packed margins of Lake Mulwala located on the Murray River adjacent to the towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala. Read More>>>

Trolling Shallow for Trout by Neil Slater
A lot has been written about trolling lures for trout. But little is penned about the under utilized shallows of a lake. Fly fishermen know about it - so why do so few lure trollers take advantage of the shallows
?

Fishing The Peel River by Dave Hodge, The Barefoot Fisherman
Not being recognized till fairly recently as a native fish proposition, the Peel River has a great population of natives, more specifically Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Eel tailed Catfish and the protected Silver Perch. Read more>>>

Fishing the Sleepy Waterways of Central Western NSW by Peter (Swano) Swanson
As a youngster growing up and learning to love and learn the art of freshwater fishing around NSW, it was always a challenge every time I “wet a line” to try and coax a cunning cod or a reluctant yellowbelly to eat my freshly dug earthworm or sunlight soap caught shrimp. Read more>>>

Fishing with Fitz by Jason (Birdy) Bird
WHEN Fitzy calls late on a Friday evening there is usually only one thing he wants to know and this call was no different, a seat in his boat on Lake Wivenhoe for the next day.... Read more>>>

Humminbird 987 CX SI Combo Review by Garry Fitzgerald
Every once in a while a product comes along that just leaps and bounds above any other product on the market. THe Humminbird stable have exactly this in the Humminbird 987 CX SI. These high resolution units come standard with everything you need in a GPS Chart Plotter / Sonar combo. Read more>>>

Winter Barra - Deep or Shallow by Garry Fitzgerald
Many anglers say "Fish the shallow bays" while others claim "get out in the deep water & troll or jig for barra". Both can be correct ways to find a big barra in winter. Here's why... Read more>>>

All Aboard the Faust Dam Express by Jason (Birdy) Bird d
IF it's serious sports fishing your after and you want to see fifty pound braid and eighty pound terminal tackle laughed at time and time again then look no further than the barra at Peter Faust Dam.

2005 Cod Opening Classic Report by Neil Slater
FOR me, the Cod Opening Classic was a 4 hour drive from Geelong to Yarrawonga telling my QLD visitor (dad) that the rain would cease as soon as we passed over the range - just like going to Lake Somerset. Read more>>>

Fishing Fun at Faust Dam by Jason (Birdy) Bird
WELL it was time again to pack up the car and boat and head north on my annual October pilgrimage to Peter Faust Dam or Lake Proserpine on the way I fished Teemburra and also Awoonga..... Read more>>>

Gearing Up For Big Lake Barra by Jason (Birdy) Bird
MORE and more fishos are heading north to experience the best fresh water sportfishing this country has to offer and for those that are gearing up right now for the coming summer on the dams I thought I would answer some, if not all of the questions that come my way. Read more>>>

Heavy Metal on Bass by Garry Fitzgerald
IT wasn't that long ago that many a fishing writer was claiming lake bass were a "summer only" prospect and that Australian Bass would never be found much deeper than 30 feet. Recent years have seen some feet pried from mouths and previous theories blown out of the water (pardon the pun). Read more>>>

A Look at Macquarie Perch by Simon Kaminskas & Jim Tait
Simon Kaminskas and Jim Tait have put together some great information about the Macquarie Perch. Highly recommended reading. Read more>>>

Top Water Fishing by Roger Lee Brown
Get ready for some “Top Water” action….First we’ll tie on that favorite artificial (top water) bait, next, we’ll make a cast into that great looking spot, and then as soon as the bait hits the water we’ll make that first little twitch with the bait, and after that, what usually happens is wham!!! Read More>>>

Brisbane River Bass Fishing by Garry Fitzgerald Now with Video
THE lure landed with a splash just a bit louder than what I would have prefered but landed nicely just next to a snag that was angling down into the water.Read More>>>

Australia's Arrow Fish (Saratoga the True Barramundi) by Garry Fitzgerald
WITH the growing success of the many bass, barra and cod lakes in recent years in our sweetwater locations, it is often easy to forget some of the other fish that are available to anglers. Read More>>>

Big Bass at Big W (Lake Wivenhoe) by Garry Fitzgerald
AT a time when most fishing commentators were claiming freshwater fish couldn't be caught during the colder months, Lake Wivenhoe, aka Big W was producing big fish in good numbers. Read More>>>

A Second Look at Somerset by Garry Fitzgerald
NESTLED in the scenic Brisbane Valley a mere 15 kilometers from the sleepy town of Kilcoy, made famous by its claim to the home of the mythical Yowie, lays one of Queenslands most popular fishing locations. Read More>>>

Bassin' at Lake Samsonvale by Garry Fitzgerald
PROBABLY more known for its tilapia, spangled perch and redclaw, Samsonvale has quietly been producing big bass and yellowbelly for those that have put in the effort of bank fishing from the recreation areas at Bullocky Rest and MacGavin View. This has all recently changed. Read More>>>

Kayaking the Shoalhaven River from Tallowa Dam to Fossickers Flat - Paul Ellis / Steve Ahern (External link)

Australian Bass - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
WHILE taking the name of the renown bass of the Americas, Australian bass are a totally different species of fish that are uniquely Australian. Read More>>>

Sounding Out Those Dam Fish - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
BEING safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of fish in our freshwater lakes is not a guarantee of finding and catching them. Read More>>>

Increased Fish Stocking needed for Lake Wivenhoe by Garry Fitzgerald
With the recently publicized closure of some recreational areas at Lake Wivenhoe there remain some issues that need raising. Read More>>>

Freshwater Fishing Around Ipswich - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
Freshwater fishing in our many lakes has become more popular in recent years, mainly due to the stocking programs that annually put many of the fish there for all to enjoy. There are several places with-in an hour of Ipswich that are well worth considering for your next fishing trip. Read More>>>

Queensland's Best Kept Secret, Lake Cania by Garry Fitzgerald
LOCATED just outside of Monto in southern Central Queensland is Cania Dam, one of the best kept secrets for some time. Read More>>>

Saratoga - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
For those that enjoy chasing fish for sport, one of the best freshwater sportsfish are saratoga.
These prehistoric fish trace their ancestry back to Gondwanaland and have relatives throughout the world.... Read More>>>

Bassin' at Lake Barambah by Garry Fitzgerald
Situated 15 kilometers from the town of Murgon in the Burnett Valley is Lake Barambah. Read More>>>

Impoundment Barramundi - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
Being a true Australian icon, the barramundi is renown for it's hard hitting and acrobatic performances when hooked.
Those fish that are stocked into freshwater are no different from their saltwater cousins... Read More>>>

Looking at Livewells by Garry Fitzgerald
The earlier comps that began to encourage catch and release accepted fish that were bought in a bucket with the fishes tail sticking out of it and a few with eskies or garbage bins full of water. Read More>>>

Banded Grunter - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
There have been several species of fish introduced into southeast Qld's lakes and rivers over the years. One of the more recent arrivals, that are fast becoming a nuisance to anglers, is the banded grunter.

A Day at the Duckpond (Lake Gregory) by Garry Fitzgerald
SITUATED approximately half way between Childers and Bundaberg lays a relatively unknown lake that is a quiet achiever in producing some quality fish.

First Timers guide to Lake Barambah by Garry Fitzgerald
FOR those that like to travel to different locations for a bit of piece and quiet or those that are mad keen anglers chasing that trophy fish or even just a feed, there are plenty of destinations around that will cater to your needs. One of the best around is Lake Barambah... Read More>>>

Picturesque Boondooma Dam by Garry Fitzgerald
HAVING fished at most impoundments in southern Qld, I've been lucky enough to enjoy some good fishing and great scenery at times but Boondooma Dam in the south Burnett region offers both of these as the same time. Read More>>>

Koombooloomba Dam by Stephen Morgan
Just a couple of hours’ drive from the famous Tinaroo is in impoundment that offers sight fishing options for sooties that is second to none in the northern part of the country. Read More>>>

Cania Dam Kafuffle by Garry Fitzgerald
Superb fishing opportunities combined with the scenic beauty of sheer granite cliffs that surround this lake makes this one of the most popular fishing destinations for the budding freshwater angler. Read More>>>

Tilapia - the facts by Garry Fitzgerald
Due to recent articles in some publications, I felt it was needed to clear up some of the facts and maybe some of the fiction surrounding Tilapia. Read More>>>

Internet fishing
Whenever people go on a trip or holiday it is normal to check out the intended destination for things to see and do apart from the obvious reason for going there.

Moves to Stock SE Qld Estuaries - Garry Fitzgerald for QT newspaper
There can be no doubt that the freshwater stocking program throughout Queensland has been a resounding success, not only within Queensland but nationally and internationally through the recent world record 38kg barramundi caught in Lake Tinaroo. Read More>>>

Fishing with Fitzy by Dave (Nugget) Downie
I had a phone call from fellow Bush 'N Beach correspondent Gary Fitgerald during the week telling me the bass were on in the upper reaches of the Brisbane River. I don't need much encouragement.... Read More>>>

Lakes Zones- Series of informative articles by Mark Thomson. Interesting reading. Read more>>>


The Man From Stanley River
There was movement at Lake Somerset, for the word had passed around,
That a Cod from Woodford Weir had washed away,

The Moonie by Roy Glanville

The Perfect Cast

The Lung Fish by A. B. "Banjo" Paterson


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