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Lake Zones. by Mark Thomson

Lake Zones


Lake Dynamics

Geography of a Bass Lake

Anglers must be able to navigate around a lake successfully in order to locate fish. A fundamental understanding of a lakes geographic layout can be valuable knowlege. I use topgraphical maps for most dams I fish and it is a combination of these and my catch card system that allows me to keep records of envirnmental conditions (weather and water levels) and catch results.
Generally bass cab be found throughout a lake, but under certain conditions, bass concentrate in areas where optimal water conditions prevail and where combinations of structure, cover and forage are found in one area.

Lake Points


Submerged Flats

Structure and Cover



Some of Mark's other work

Platypus Cliffs topographical map (Lake Wivenhoe)

Hamon Cove topographical map (Lake Wivenhoe)

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