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Submerged Flats

Submerged Flats

Flats can be seen as areas on the contour map where the lines are spaced well apart. Some flats can be as small as a tennis court or as large as many hectares. There is no major topographical changes over these areas as they tend to gently slope or undulate. Never overlook these areas however as the smallest bit of structure in the from of a log or stump or even hump or bump attracts fish to it like an oasis in the desert. These flats owe their existence to the graziers and farmers who cleared the land for pasture areas prior to the lake flooding.

I find that the secret to fishing these areas is to watch the depth sounder continually and concentrate working areas in a methodical pattern to locate fish. It is known the fish do move through these areas on a transition basis. At times schools of active bass in LakeSomerset provide excellent fishing on the flats.




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