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Structure and Cover

When ever I read articles relating to fishing they often refer to two terms, structure and cover. Interpretations as follows,
Structure Abrupt changes in underwater topography in lakes rivers and streams. Some examples are: submerged river, creek and gully beds, rock bars, sand bars, ledges, drop offs, humps and holes, accumulations of stone, rock boulders and timber. Man made structure includes submerged roadways, dams, earth, tanks, stone walls, dam walls, causeway, bridges, buildings and large pipes, water intake towers, jetties and boat ramps.
Cover Natural objects in or around a lake stream or river examples include submerged trees and brush. Snags, brush piles, stumps, logs, a few rocks, stones, or a boulder. Vegetation overhanging the water, emergent and aquatic floating weed in the water. As anglers we can use these terms to communicate to each other the locations of fish or good fish holding water.



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