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Lake Points

The Brisbane River is the original waterway beneath Lake Wivenhoe. As the river wound its way through the land it carved out a course thatcreated this valley. A conbination of erosion and deposition of soil have created long linger spurs and points that run from higher elevations into the river channel. When the lake was flooded many of the spurs of land were inundated with water. Some points produce better and more regular catches of fish than others. The characteristics of good points are scrutinised below.
Northerly aspect, water conditions in these areas are often optimal. The sun provides warmth and light to the water for longer periods during the day. In turn weed growth proliferates and creates the basis of one of the many food chains in a lake. Aquatic weed, crustaceans and small bait fish are an integral part to the foodchain, with bass and other predator fish at the top. Weed beds also offer cover and shelter to all its small and large inhabitants, and these areas often contain both active bass (hunting for forage) and inactive (bass sheltering in the weed).
Deep water not too far away, if water depth rapidly drops away from a typical spur, optimal water conditions are provided over a large area that joins both shallow water weedlines and the deeper waters of a channel of drop off. Bass move up from deep water security and relative comfort zone to hunt and partol in the shallow feeding areas. Bass will often prefer to remain stationary in the deep water in an inactive state. Often under low light conditions, bass will then move up to the shallow water areas where they actively begin to hunt prey. In summer this may be a daily routine where as in winter it may be more irregular.
A spur or saddle between two deep channels, this is where you can theoretically double your luck when fishing. A submerged ridge divides two deeper channels and bass congregate in these areas when the water conditions are best. Bass may remian stationary around the outer edge of the spur in deeper water until conditions change or they get hungry. Bays are often formed between spurs and points and these too can be productive under certain conditions.
When Lake Wivenhoe was low, water levels of 3/4 capacity, submerged mian lake points offered some of the most productive deep water trolling available in Lake Wivenhoe. Many bass 50 cm + have been encountered in the areas out from Hamon Cove. Trolling these points is a productive method to locate actively feeding bass. Extra deep diving lures are a must, keep searching likely water in a methodical pattern to cover as much of this type of country as possible. Deep underwater points offer reguge to schools of baitfish as well as where there is forgage bass won't be too far away.

Contour lines off a point

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