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Fishing the North Maroochy River by Dave Brace

Fishing the North Maroochy River

THE North Maroochy River is a long river system that branches off and extends from the South Maroochy River at Yandina all the way north to Eewah Vale on the Sunshine Coast, however the lower reaches of the river are more accessible to the angler.
The river is of a tidal influence and this link
http://tide-times.com.au/localtime_QLD/Sunshine_Coast/Other/Maroochy_River_-_Junction_North_M._River.html will help you get upstream through to large pools at higher tides.
The lower reaches of the North Maroochy River even though is of tidal influences during parts of the year especially during Spring and Summer where the tidal movements can be quite large, the water here can be quite fresh at times especially after flooding rain.The native flora and the habitat of the river system show's that the river is of fresh water upstream where there is no tidal influence.
There are mossy rock formations that create small rapids, a gravelly bottom with river stones that scatter the area of the banks and large cascading native trees with their canopies casting shade over the winding river along with coastal palms, ferns and native grasses also aligning the banks. The scenery is quite spectacular and is definitely worth a paddle.

Wild Bass are the targeted species in the North Maroochy River along with Mangrove Jack in the warmer months. There is a good population of breeding Bass in the North Maroochy River with an average size of about 30cm however there are much larger specimens around the 50cm mark. Remembering that there is a closed season on fishing for Bass from the 1st of June to the 31st of August so that they can be left alone to spawn, there is still quality times to target these awesome fish throughout other parts of the year.

These Wild Bass will take most sub-surface lures, however if you haven't experienced top water surface fishing this is a good place to experience fishing this way as it is so visual and exciting, casting your lure tight up into heavily structure timber, watching a Bass follow your lure out of it's hiding place on retrieval to taking the lure as an explosion of water erupts as it engulfs your lure.

The North Maroochy is a great kayaking destination
The North Maroochy is a great kayaking destination

Launching sites
The upper reaches aren't accessible by small boats but there are two sites to launch your canoe or kayak. One is at Coulsons Wharf Park on the southern side of Yandina/Coolum Rd and the other is on Ninderry Rd. at the small park adjacent to the old bridge before you cross the river.

Camping at the river
Camping is not permitted in either of the parks where the launching sites are however the nearest caravan park is on the western side of the highway in Yandina, the Yandina Caravan Park which backs onto the South Maroochy River, upstream from the junction of both rivers.

Dave Brace

Bass are common in the Maroochy River
Bass are common in the Maroochy River

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