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Advertising on Sweetwater Fishing Australia

Advertising on the internet doesn't limit your target audience to any geographical location or time frame like print media, television or radio audiences does. Magazines get thrown in the bin at the end of the month, radio advertising commonly falls upon deaf ears and television is outrageously expensive. With the internet anyone can see it 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a time that suits them. It is open to a world wide potential target audience. Internet advertising is a more cost effective and superior way to advertise your product to customers who are specifically looking for information that is associated with your business.
By advertising your particular product or service on Sweetwater Fishing Australia it is directly associated with a particular location or subject the customer is interested in. Therefore you have a 100% target audience.

Sweetwater Fishing Australia gives all local, out of town, interstate & international visitors a first port of call when planning their trip to "your" area and/or associates "your" product with the location and/or information.

Sweetwater Fishing Australia is:
- Optimized
for and maintains peak search engine performance. Information pages on this site are commonly ranked in top 10 on google.com and most other search engines.
- Hosted on a secure server based in USA. This means it is faster and more secure with less down time than servers based in Australia.
- 100% Australian owned

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General Advertising on Information Pages

Example 1: Atkinsons Dam Waterfront Caravan Park is linked directly to accommodation information on the Atkinsons Dam location page. They also get an exclusive editorial, pictures and thier downloadable brochure on the Atkinsons Dam information page about their accomodation service. Atkinsons Dam Waterfront Caravan Park also has their full contact details, email and internet link on the Accommodation listing page in bold. (Platinum Package)

Example 2: ICFish guided fishing service in Northern Territory. Has full contact details, email & internet link on the Guides/Charters listing page. (See Gold Package)

Silver Package

Gold Package

Platinum Package

On listing page (eg Accommodation, Fishing Guide, Product page) you get your:
product or business name
- address
- phone number
- fax number



On listing page (eg Accommodation, Fishing Guide, Product page) you get your:
product or business name
- address
- phone numbers
- fax number
As per Silver
+ Bold Print
+ Addition of email link
+ direct link to your website on listing page

- As per Gold.
+ Exclusive Recommended Service referral on information page of your interest. Editorial (upto 200 words) on location page and short description on listing page. This gives you the exclusive exposure for your particular service on the relevant information/location page of your choice.
+ We will also put upto four (4) photos you may wish to provide of your service on the relevant location/information page.

+ We can upload your flyer or brochure for clients to download as they require.
It almost becomes your very own webpage and marketing program all in one!
There is only room for ONE of each Recommended Service per information/location page. eg one each of recommended: Guide, accommodation, boat hire, tackle store, product etc per location info page.
This is strictly on a first in, best dressed basis for the duration of the advert period purchased!

$20/month OR $200 / year (save $40 = to 2 months) $40 / month OR $400 for 12 months (save $80 = 2 months) $55 per month OR $600 for 12 months (save 10%)

Banner Ad Program
You can have your own banner ad in various formats throughout sweetwaterfishing.com.au
Using our stand alone software you can easily select from targetable areas throughout the site to best suit your target audience. For more information go HERE>>>

Your Banner could be seen throughout sweetwaterfishing.com.au. Some current banner adverts are shown below.



Lynn and Mark Lorberg
Awoonga Gateway Lodge. Lake Awoonga. Central Queensland.

How happy we are,
To be honest with you, our advertising on Sweetwater Fishing Australia has exceeded our total expectations, we couldn't be happier with the coverage your site has afforded us. Close to 60% of our bookings have come from people looking at your site. We always recommend your site to people who call us and want information on our lodge or Lake Awoonga fishing. We have also downloaded your article on winter Barra Fishing and it is certainly helping the few people that we have had in for the winter.
We hope you will continue to allow us the privilege of having a page on your site.
Looking forward to seeing you when you are up this way.

Lynn and Mark Lorberg

Pricing Brochure (Requires Adobe Reader)

Payments can be made in the form of Cheque, Money Order, Direct Deposit or PayPal
All charges for advertising are to be paid in advance.




Corporate Advertising
Price on application

Sweetwater Fishing Australia is totally free for the public to access 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
It is the most comprehensive website covering freshwater fishing in Australia bar none. With new contributors on our team, the information contained on Sweetwater Fishing Australia is growing every month.

Free Listing
We are happy to give a free listing to fishing guides, lodges, hotels, motels, campgrounds, farmstays etc that service sweetwater fishing locations.
We will list your name & the town or location you service and your email address. We reserve phone / fax / address for paying advertisers.
Send us an email with your name & location if you would like a free listing.

For further information please download our Pricing Brochure (Requires Adobe Reader), send us an E-mail or telephone 0423 464311

Garry Fitzgerald
T/A Sweetwater Fishing
ABN 53161136365

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