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Hot Spots - Lake Awoonga

"Where did you catch them and what lures caught the fish?" These are two common questions that arise at boat ramps at dusk on the average day.
The only problem with the answer to these questions is that the answers pertained to that particular day, not tomorrow. In my many years of experience on Lake Awoonga, there is no such thing as a hot spot that produces barramundi every day of the year, let alone every week or every day.
Circumstances within the lake, seasonal changes, water quality, water levels, weed growth and the weather conditions all contribute to the distribution and the response of the barra within.
Lures that produced glorious fish today may go untouched tomorrow. Everyday is different, and so too is the way in which fish respond and the areas in which they visit, rest and feed. A hot spot today so often becomes a fishless, uneventful location tomorrow.

So what's in the paragraph?
Landlocked lakes are forever changing environments and with that come mobile fish with changing states of enthusiasm.
Mobility from anglers and those willing to experiment with location and lure types will see better results in such a diverse fishery such as Lake Awoonga.
The reward of big fish in a spectacular setting is worth all the effort for visiting anglers. Summer or Winter, the challenge is always there.

Johnny Mitchell


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