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Impoundment Barramundi

The last few years have seen some great advances in impoundment fishing opportunities. One of the biggest has been the breeding and stocking of barramundi into lakes throughout central and northern Qld.
Being a true Australian icon, the barramundi is renown for it's hard hitting and acrobatic performances when hooked. Those fish that are stocked into freshwater are no different from their saltwater cousins in this regard.
Normally found throughout all of Qld's coastal rivers and estuaries, being quite rare south of Bundaberg, barra seem to survive and grow quite readily in a totally freshwater environment.
Recorded up to a massive 45 kg in Lake Tinaroo near Atherton, these fish have the potential to put Qld and Australia well and truly on the international fishing map.
Other popular locations that have been stocked with barramundi are Peter Faust Dam (Proserpine), Eungella Dam (Mackay), Awoonga Dam (Gladstone), Fred Haigh Dam (Gin Gin) and Lenthalls Dam (Maryborough).
It has been widely held that barramundi could not survive the cooler climes of south east Qld dams after a failed stocking at Boondooma Dam (Kingaroy), but the recent breeding of a southern strain has given researchers, stocking groups and anglers high hopes of being able to have them locally.
Having these great fish in the likes of Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams would also have the added advantage of helping to reduce numbers of introduced pests like banded grunter and tilapia.

Garry Fitzgerald.

Faust Barra in 2000
Faust Barra in 2000
Faust Barra in 2003
Faust Barra in 2003

Copyright© 2000 Garry Fitzgerald. Sweetwater Fishing Australia