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Sweetwater Fishing Around Ipswich

(Qld Times Chrismas Fishing Liftout Dec.2000)

Freshwater fishing in our many lakes has become more popular in recent years, mainly due to the stocking programs that annually put many of the fish there for all to enjoy.
There are several places with-in an hour of Ipswich that are well worth considering for your next fishing trip.

Lake Somerset
Species stocked here are bass, golden perch, silver perch, Mary River cod and saratoga. There are also breeding populations of snub nosed gar, eel tailed catfish, spangled perch and the introduced tilapia.
Bass and golden perch are the main targets here. These can be found around the edges of the old river bed, or in the standing timber that dominates the upper reaches. One of the best techniques is to fish with a live shrimp or crayfish just off the bottom. Try having as little weight as possible. This allows your offering to move around more freely and attract more interest. For lure anglers try using deep diving lures in darker colors close to the old river bed.
Best spot are at the Hump, Queen Street, Bay 13 or in the standing timber.
There are no boating restrictions on Lake Somerset.

Lake Wivenhoe
Being a very large water body, Lake Wivenhoe doesn't see as much boating pressure as other impoundments. Outboard motors are not allowed here so battery powered electric motors are the normal mode of transport.
Once known as the Mecca of big bass is southern Queensland, Wivenhoe lost many of the big fish over the wall during the floods of early 1999. There are still plenty of fish to be had here. Species stocked are bass, golden perch, silver perch, Mary River cod and saratoga. There are also large numbers of fork-tailed catfish, spangled perch, eel tailed catfish, snub nosed gar and the introduced tilapia. Fork-tailed catfish seem to dominate catches during the summer months.
There are also good numbers of redclaw crayfish here so remember to take a trap or dilly there when you go. A boat is not needed to fish for redclaw, simply take your traps baited with anything from boiled potatoes to pilchards and toss them in from the bank. Check your traps every hour or so for best results.
Best fishing spots to try are Platypus Cliffs, out from Hamon Cove or the steep bank north of Hays Landing.

Lake Moogerah
Lake Moogerah is one of South East Queenslands most established fisheries having been stocked with bass, golden perch, silver perch, Mary River cod and saratoga, although the stocking of saratoga seems to have failed at this stage. There are also populations of spangled perch, eel tailed catfish and eels that seem only too eager to take a bait or lure.
Bass seem to be the most popular species here. They can be found off the rocky points and steep banks towards the wall, on the edge of the old creek bed and around the start of the standing timber. Another popular spot is the gently sloping banks off the ski club point as it slopes down into the creek bed. A good way to fish this point is by drifting a live shrimp across the front of the point allowing your bait to bounce along the bottom or just off it.
There are no boating restrictions at Lake Moogerah.

Lake Maroon
Situated 25km south of Boonah lays one of South East Queenslands best freshwater fly fishing destinations. The absence of Bony Bream (a forage species that is normally found in most impoundments) has lead to stocked species feeding on insects and crustaceans that are commonly found on the lake fringes or surface.
Stocked species include golden perch, silver perch, saratoga, Mary River cod and the most popular target here, bass.
Although not renown for producing big fish, Lake Maroon can certainly produce good numbers of fish at times. Best techniques are to fish with a bait under a float just outside of the weedbeds that dominate the fringes or by casting shallow running lures around the weed edges.
There are no boating restrictions at Lake Maroon.

Garry Fitzgerald.

Copyright© 2000 Garry Fitzgerald. Sweetwater Fishing Australia