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Mary River Cod / Mary Cod (Maccullochella peelii mariensis)

In their natural habitat Mary River cod can grow up to 20kg (fish stocked in lakes can be much larger), but are more commonly seen at less than 5kg. They are large, elongated fish with large mouths, slightly concave heads and protruding lower jaws. Like the murray cod they are mottled in colour. They range in colour from golden-yellow to green and dark brown with black to dark green spots.

The Mary River cod was once distributed extensively throughout south-east Queensland, but is now found naturally only in parts of the Mary River system. Numbers are known to be very low, and therefore, this species is now totally protected. This species has suffered population declines as a result of habitat losses over most of its range. Mary River cod have been stocked in small numbers in some dams where it is hoped they will breed.

In recent years a recovery program has been undertaken to try to save this great fish. For further information click HERE and HERE.

Mary River Cod are HIGHLY ENDANGERED and are totally protected in all waters within the Mary River catchment. They are allowed to be caught outside the Mary River catchment in some stocked lakes only. In other rivers and streams outside the Mary River catchement,Mary River Cod are tottally protected. If you happen to catch one, it should be released as quickly as possible to avoid undue stress on the fish.

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