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Trout Cod / Bluenose Cod / Blue Cod (Maccullochella macquariensis)

Once widely distributed throughout the the southern parts of the Murray-Darling Basin. Now they are only found in the Murray River between Yarrawonga Weir and Barmah State Forest and in Seven Creeks in Victoria. They have also been stocked into several rivers, lakes and dams.
It is not known exactly how big these fish will grow, however the largest recorded was 80cm long and weighed over 15kg.

It is widely held that this sub-species is a far more aggressive fish than their larger cousin, the Murray Cod.
This is possibly some contributing factor in their decline.
Other "major" factors in this and other native fish decline, is the removal of riparian vegetation, the practice of de-snagging, river flow regulation (dams, weirs, barriers), illegal/unfair fishing practices (set lines, gill nets, drum nets), commercial fishing, cold water polution from dams and the introduction of competing, non-native fish.

Called trout because the markings on some individuals resemble those of Trout, and cod because it is a member of the Australian Freshwater Cod family. Other common names are Bluenose Cod and Blue Cod.
Trout Cod has a straight head profile and protruding upper jaw, while the Murray Cod has a concave head profile and equal length jaws.

The genus was named after A.R. MacCulloch, a fish scientist at the Australian Museum in the early 1900s. This species is named after the Macquarie River, which took its name from Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

Trout Cod are listed nationally as Critically Endangered, and should be released imediately of captured.

Further Reading
Dept of Environment & Water Resources

Click for larger picture of Trout Cod
Image & some info sourced from: Murray Darling Basin Commision

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