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Lake MacDonald - Cooroy. Qld

Situated 6 km from Cooroy on Qld's Sunshine Coast lies Lake Macdonald.
The construction of Six Mile Creek Dam for town water in 1965 created Lake MacDonald. It has a surface area of 260 ha an average depth of 6 meters and holds some 15 600 ML of water at full supply level.

Stocked fish include Mary River Cod, Bass, Yellowbelly, Saratoga & Snub Nosed Gar with endemic populations of Tandans (Eel Tailed Catfish) Eels and the introduced Spangled Perch.

The taking of Mary River Cod is totally prohibited at Lake MacDonald.

A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish at Lake MacDonald.

There are no combustion engines allowed on the lake however electric powered boats & canoes are allowed. The Noosa Coucil are currently reviewing the boating policy here due to the outbreak of the noxious weed Cabomba caroliniana that may be spread to other waterways on boats & their trailers. For latest information contact Noosa Council on 07 54495200.

Gerry Cook Hatchery
The Gerry Cook Hatchery is at Lake MacDonald & is run the the fish stocking group & Noosa Council. Tours are by appointment only.

Lake MacDonald is stocked by the:
Lake MacDonald Fish Management Committee (LMFMC)
PO Box 108
Pomona. Q. 4468

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Lake MacDonald Map
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Lake MacDonald Map

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