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Lake Toolondo - Hamilton / Horsham. Victoria

LAKE Toolondo is located in the Wimmera in between Hamilton and Horsham about 4 hours drive from Melbourne via the Hamilton highway.
The southern end of the lake has a caravan park with onsite vans and camping areas.
This lake is capable of yielding some true monster trout and redfin. Trout have been recorded in excess of 8kg, averaging 1kg and redfin in excess of 4kg averaging 900g.

Steve White caught this trophy Toolondo Brown.
Steve White with a Toolondo trophy brown nudging 4kg.
(Click on image for larger version)

There is a boat ramp at both the north and southern ends of the lake. The northern ramp is concrete and the southern ramp is located in the caravan park and is a dirt ramp.
Both ramps are almost unusable during periods of low water.

The lake is heavily treed in all but a few locations and teeming with weed and aquatic life such as bug (or spider) mudeye, minnow, gudgeon, yabbies some couta mudeye and mayfly nymphs.
During periods of low water, the lake can experience severe algal blooms that can shut down the fishing.
Fly-fishing can be spectacular with large fish slamming minnow in the shallows at certain times of the year.
The local trout respond well to mudeye or bait fish suspended under a bubble float just above the weed beds. The redfin are suckers for a live gudgeon or minnow fished deep on the drift in some of the many cleared areas or fished static amongst the timber.

Daz Millar holds two fine examples of Toolondo redfin exceeding 1.5kg
Daz Millar holds two fine examples of Toolondo redfin exceeding 1.5kg
(Click on image for larger version)

Minnow and yabbies can be trapped in the shallows amongst the weed in the lake and bug mudeye can be caught around the timber, but it is often best to bring your own bait.
Both species respond well to most popular lures with the Jensen insect revolving blade spinner and the smaller mud bugs a favourite amongst the locals.
The last few years the lake has suffered due to low water levels and has not been stocked.

Neil Slater


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Lake Toolondo Map

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