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Callide Dam. Biloela. Qld

One of Qld's newest Barra lakes to come on line, Callide is beginning to make a name for itself.
Constructed in 1965 to supply water for the nearby power station, Callide dam holds 136 300 ML at an average depth of 10.5 m and a surface area of 1240 hectares at full capacity.

Fish species stocked are Saratoga, Barramundi, Yellowbelly & Silver Perch.
There are breeding populations of Eel Tailed Catfish, Sleepy Cod, Spangled Perch & Alligator Gar with Eels making their way here as well.

There are no restictions to boating or fishing here except for no fishing within 200 meters from the spillway.

Concrete boat ramps, toilets, drinking water, picnic tables & play ground for kids are provided, however no camping is allowed at the dam.
Accomodation is available a short 12 Km drive away in Biloela. See Accommodation page for details.

Local fish stocking group
Callide Valley Native Fish Stocking Assn runs a fish hatchery to keep this a well stocked fishery.

Local Tackle Store

Fishing Guide

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Overlooking Callide Dam Fishing the Quarry Callide at low water level.
A great view over Callide Dam
Keeping your rod low helps a lure to dive
Rod Cheetham with an average Callide Barra
Low water can see the ramp high & dry

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Callide Dam Map

Callide Dam Map
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Lake Callide Map


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