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Fishing and Camping around Charleville. Qld

Fish that you will hook include yellowbelly, catfish, Murray cod, silver perch and spangled perch. Yellowbelly occur naturally in the rivers west of the Great Dividing Range and are number six on the Department of Primary Industries' 'top ten angling fish in Queensland'.

10 Mile - Warrego River
From Charleville, travel 16 kilometres north on the Warrego Highway (Augathella Road)
Only 10 kilometres from Charleville is the Ten Mile. The coffee-coloured water of the Warrego River provides visitors and locals with a great camping, fishing or swimming spot. The fish that will try and elude your hook are yellowbelly, catfish, Murray cod, silver perch and spangled perch.

18 Mile - Warrego River
From Charleville, travel 28 kilometres north on the Warrego Highway (Augathella Road).
You can have your own slice of Warrego heaven at the Eighteen Mile fishing spot, only 28 kilometres from the town of Charleville. The Warrego River stretches from Carnarvon Gorge in the north to near Bourke in New South Wales to the south.

27 Mile - Warrego River
From Charleville, travel 40 kilometres north on the Warrego Highway (Augathella Road).
For a day, weekend or a whole week, fishing at this spot is a great experience. Imagine the peace and quiet, the smell of a yellowbelly cooking, the star-filled nights and the fire crackling lazily away. Ok, now wake up, get up and plan your fishing trip to the 27 Mile! It's easy - and it's only 40 kilometres from Charleville's town centre.

Bakers Bend
Travel 37 kilometres south of Charleville on the Cunnamulla Road, take a right hand turn and then travel five kilometres along a dirt track.
Local folklore states that this water hole has never gone dry. Plenty of great fishing yarns have originated from this site as well as tales of murder and mayhem during the early years of settlement. This is a wonderful camp site, the banks are grassy, there are huge shady trees and the peace and quite is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Quilberry Creek - Cooladdi
From Charleville, travel 83 kilometres west on the Diamantina Development Road (Quilpie Road)
Conveniently situated on the way to the Opal Fields along the Quilpie Road, Quilberry Creek is a popular fishing spot. 'Quilberry' is an aboriginal word meaning 'plenty of water'. Located opposite the Cooladdi Foxtrap, fishing could not be easier. All you need to do is turn up throw in your line in, then sit back and relax. The likely catch includes Yellowbelly, Black Bream, Jew Fish and Murray Cod.

From Charleville, travel 57 kilometres south on the Cunnamulla Road. Take a right hand turn and travel for a further six kilometres (one kilometre on bitumen, five kilometres on dirt road) to the bridge.
"Dillalah" is an Aboriginal word meaning Galah. While waiting to catch your dinnner, do a spot of bird watching and see if you can spot a "Dillalah" as well as many other species of birdlife that visit the area. Back to the fish! There is good fishing either side of the bridge, while approximately two kilometres downstream there is a camping area.

Ward River
From Charleville travel 20 kilometres wets on the Diamantina Development Road (Quilpie Road)
Imagine River Red Gums swaying in the breeze, stoking the fire while your sausages sizzle away, catching that elusive yellowbelly while laughing with the kookaburras for a change. The weather's great, town's only 20 kilometres away and you've finally been able to pick up your book (you put it down two months ago). The Ward River (160 kilometres) hasn't changed much since it was named by W.A Tully in 1863. The Ward River is a favourite with both visitors and locals alike and every year in May the local Fishing and Restocking Club hold their annual fishing competition.

Further info contact
Phone: 07 4654 3057
Email: tourism@murweh.qld.gov.au

Information source: Qld Holidays


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