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Author Topic: Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report for October 2012  (Read 2604 times)

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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report for October 2012
« on: October 16, 2012, 07:40:17 PM »
Lake Jindabyne
Trout Fishing Report.
For  OCTOBER 2012

By Steve Williamson. –
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures.
0408 024436                      Shop -02 64561551

Last week I thought that spring may have finally arrived but I was wrong and by Friday we ended up with more rain in the mountains and after a cold change and rain on Saturday I awake to another dusting of snow on the mountains tops. This week it doesn’t look as the weather is going to improve any with showers and maximum temperatures in the mid-teens up until at least next weekend.

The rain had the rivers up again and quite dirty and of course the lake is rising and won’t be long until we are back to the same level as it was before the Snowy River water release.
While it was difficult to fish the rivers over the last few days and few reports, on the other hand the lake fishing has continued to be very good with both bait and lure fishing still way above average. With the lake water still so cold and very few insect hatches, the boat trolling has still been a little slower than normal, in fact it’s still like normal winter fishing where you just poke about catching a trout here and there as you go. We get good and bad days. This week with overcast conditions predicted it should be good for trout fishing and if you rug up you should be rewarded for your efforts.

Post your photos with a trout and a Tasmanian Devil or Rapala lure and win prizes in our weekly best fish competition.
The lake level is at 87% and is rising slowly a couple of inches a day. The temperature today was still only 8 degrees C.
Best methods to catch a trout.
Best method – Bait off the shore on calm days, lure early and late or on windy days.
Best lake lure –Trout Quivers and Tasmanian Devil in green and gold (Willys Special).
Best lake area – Wollondibby Inlet and The Claypits.
Best fly method lake – Yabby Patterns and Williamson’s Goldfish.
Best River Fly Fishing– Nymphs and Glowbugs.
Best River Lures – Rapalas, Salmo Minnows and Gillies Bendbacks.

Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next few weeks.

With the water rising once again we need to think about the fish being near the edges of the lake. I know they are there we can see them in close to the shore on my Humminbird sounder , especially off rocky points. They are not easy to catch you just have to keep working them. The water is still cold and the fish are still sluggish, and I know from the trout caught off the bank they are eating yabbys. Hopefully things will only get better over coming weeks. If trolling, start the day with a surface line out and at least 50 metres drop back, the more the better on still sunny days. Stay close to the shore and target rocky points and other snags like the many trees in the water at the moment.
Try lead line at 2 to 3 colours. (20 to 30 metres of line out) later in the day or on still days.
Best colour Tassies have been green and gold (Willy’s Special) yellowing type Tassies at the moment, maybe Y82, Holographic or Brown Bomber as well. The new Tassie colours have arrived in my shop and we are expecting a few of these to become very popular. Rapalas like the Brook Trout pattern of Perch pattern have still been very successful.
We have a new range of the Salmo lures now also in stock and these are going quite well also.
We are also getting a little positive feedback on the Dorado minnows that are new to our range.
Little bit of downrigging at 20 feet on the bright sunny days. Use longer dropbacks for best results.

Lake Bait Fishing 
(Primarily most rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains Region are fly and lure only, We recommend that you first check with the Department of Industry and Investment NSW (NSW Fishing rules) as to which rivers in the area you can legally bait fish in. IF IN DOUBT DON’T BAIT FISH in the RIVERS!)
Shore based bait fishing continues to be good with local Scrubbies, bardi grubs and artificial baits the best. The fish are coming in very close and you can catch them at any time of the day if you are patient.
Curiosity rocks, The Claypits, Hatchery Bay, Widows Creek Inlet, Waste Point at Creel Bay are all fishing well.

Lake Spinning
Trout Quivers in various colours were again catching plenty of trout in the windy conditions last week. Blades in gold have been doing well at the moment. Try a Strike Pro Cyber Vibe 50 or a TT Switchblade Sunset Gold. The Tasmanian Devil ‘Willy’s Special’, Holographic, Y82 and Y48 as well as reports of white Tassies catching trout over the last few days.
Minnow lures like floating Rapalas, (especially jointed Rapalas), Stumpjumpers and other minnow style lure in either natural rainbow trout and brown trout patterns or gold colours to represent the Jindabyne goldfish that the trout love to chase and eat.
Don’t stay in one place too long and only put in a couple of casts in each area.
Shallow areas try Gillies Feathertails and Tailwalkers which are new products worth a look.
Some new lures to try in the dark are the new glow Blue Fox Vibrax spinners. Charge them up with a torch or camera flash and watching them spin through the water is incredible, trout are very inquisitive and often hit the lure hard.
Call into my shop and I will show you some of the better soft plastics that we are having great success on over the last week. The ‘Spotted Brew’ Strike Tiger has especially been good over the last week.

River Spinning.
As reported earlier, there was a lot of water flowing down the river and this made fishing difficult but the flow is much more fishable now and the river is looking good. Rapalas will be worth a throw. Drift rigging with nymphs and glowbugs in the faster runs will also be effective. Don’t forget the soft plastics and the Strike Tiger range in pink and orange might just work well first up.

Fly Fishing Lake
Most of the fly fishing on the lake last week has been with bigger wet flies given the cooler, wet and windy conditions. There are fish being caught so it’s definitely worth while wetting a line. Black  or olive Woolley Bugger, a Craig’s Night time or a Williamson’s Goldfish will be worth using.
The shallow bays on the lake are worth a try but you have to be very quiet and not too many casts in one spot so as not to spook the trout.

Fly fishing Rivers and Streams
Nymphs and glowbugs will be the best in the faster water. The river levels will drop with the cooler conditions and less snow melt and I don’t think we will get much rain this week but expect showers.
On the streams it will take them longer for the water to clears and so nymph under an indicator will be best.
It might be a few weeks yet before the stream fishing picks up.

For visitors to the Snowy’s we have a full range of fishing tackle for hire at my shop and fishing tours are now available.

For more information on the latest fishing conditions, please call into –
             Shop 1 Snowline Centre, Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne 2627
Fishing Charters – Bait and Tackle Supplies- Marine Supplies

P.M.B. 5 Jindabyne NSW 2627             E-mail  Shop – (02) 64 561551 


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