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Author Topic: My Review, Ocean Kayak Prowler Torque  (Read 32197 times)

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My Review, Ocean Kayak Prowler Torque
« on: November 09, 2010, 07:02:28 PM »
Folks I posted this on Sweetwater before the recent crash, So I thought I would put it up again for the new site..

Ocean Kayak Prowler Torque

Made in the USA by Ocean Kayak, Distributed in Australia by BLA

Kayak Length : 4.2 M
Kayak Width : 74 cm
Kayak Weight : 32 KG
Kayak with Motor attached : 39kg
Kayak Capacity : 215kg
Material : Polyethylene construction

Colours Available : Yellow or Sand, a new OK colour.

Recommended Retail Price : $2995

Std Inclusions : Drop in Minn Kota maximiser motor with 33lbs of thrust(Saltwater compatible), Variable speed dial for forward and reverse, A detachable skeg to replace motor if not required, Comfort seat, Transducer Scupper, Large front hatch and rear cargo well, Paddle holder, Central hatch (to store battery), Safety Lanyard-kill switch for motor.

Note: Battery and charger are not included, this is up to the end user to decide what capacity and type.
The maximum dimensional size you can fit in the central hatch is 300mm long x 180mm wide by 240mm high. So around a 80 - 90 amp hour deep cycle battery will fit depending on which brand battery you choose.

Optional Extras : Paddle, Fishfinder Kit, Deluxe Seat, Safety Flag, Navigation Light, Rod Holders, C-Tug Trolley, Knee Straps, Pacific Action Sail kit.

Set up time : About 10 minutes at the most, unload kayak from racks(alot easier coming down) Battery needs to be put in centre hatch and wiring connected, seat attached, paddle attached. move it to waters edge with about 1 foot depth and insert motor skeg connect plug and you are ready to go.

Pro's: Extremely Stable, Variable speed under power from motor, Can hover in one spot if wind or current is present, Able to fish hands free, Has reverse when under power of motor, Tracks well, Dry ride(Dam, estuary, River), Massive rudder steers it precisely, Paddles well even with motor in place. Unfortunately I did not have time to use it with the Skeg only. The front hatch has a new better seal which seems to be waterproof. Transducer Scupper - with the addition of the optional Transducer scupper boot designed to fit the Humminbird range of sounders fitting a transducer to this kayak is a breeze. Has a safety lanyard which is attached to a kill switch and the user in the event you fall out the lanyard comes away from the kill switch and stops the motor. Flat foot well, gone is the molded foot lugs, the floor of the console area is almost flat, so if you have the balance standing would be easier.

Con's: Has a very wide turning circle when under power with motor, the buttons used to clip the paddle keeper on is too short - something that should take seconds, needs a bit of concentration to get the paddle keeper over the paddle and clamped on the button. Although I loaded it OK with the aid of my loader bars on my roof racks, some people might have trouble if by themselves when loading, definitely alot easier to load with a two person lift.

Ability to customise: Ample deck space forward of the central hatch, Cannon or Scotty rod holders could be mounted either side in the forward console area, ample area to mount flush rod holders immediately diagonal to the rear of the Seat area.

Overview : I was presently surprised at just how well this kayak performed. As I am a large guy I thought there maybe some inward flow of water up through the scuppers but this did not happen, sure some water came in under power but nothing to be worried about. At times I felt like a passenger, didn't seem like I was on a kayak as it was so stable and powered along at ease, but after a short while I was used to it. I did take the paddle from the side and take it for a paddle and it moved along easily with plenty of glide. The electric motor did run in very shallow water close to the bank but I found the rudder hit bottom before the motor did so this will give you an indication to know when to stop so as no damage will be caused to the motor skeg. I think the kayak would mainly be suited for wide open paddle areas, I don't think it would be suitable for a narrow creek or river because of its wide turning circle but places like an estuary system, Bays, Lakes, large Rivers and even offshore it would be a great kayak to use. Some of you might be say well its not a true kayak with a motor in it, but the motor can aid you in the range you maybe able to travel in your fishing session, by using both paddle and motor power. Although heavy I still found I could load it with easy with the aid of my loader bars on my very high Pajero 4wd.

Rating : 9/ 10

Would I have one if my Wife would allow me...yes ;-)

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Re: My Review, Ocean Kayak Prowler Torque
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2010, 06:53:09 AM »
I've got one of these and they are top stuff.  Very good yak for the heavier angler!  The only changes I've made to mine, is I have the battery in the rear and keep the front compartment for fishing gear.  This hasn't affected the balance at all.  I've also fitted a RAM ball so I can swap the 981 to the yak, and fitted a couple of rod holders.


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