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Nagambie Lakes (Lake Nagambie / Goulbourn Weir) . Victoria

Lake Nagambie Fact Box
Nearest Town Nagambie
Construction Date 1891
River System Goulburn River
Surface Area 1 130 hectares
Capacity 25 000 mega litres




Nagambie Lakes is made up of two main water bodies; Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn Weir. The Construction of the Goulburn Weir began in 1887, and was completed in 1891. The Goulburn Weir was the first major diversion dam built for irrigation in Australia and was considered very advanced for the time. It was so highly regarded for its time that it appeared on the reverse of Australian half sovereign and ten shilling banknotes from 1913 until 1933.

Lake Nagambie holds an array of fish species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Blackfish, Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin, Tench, Carp and Murray Crayfish.

The lake receives water released from Lake Eildon and diverts it via channels for irrigation use. Contains redfin to 800g, tench, carp, goldfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, blackfish, golden perch, Australian smelt, flat-headed galaxias and Murray spiny crayfish. Predominant fish caught by anglers are carp, redfin and occasional golden perch. Water temperature rarely exceeds 20oC during summer because of cold water releases from Lake Eildon. This may have affected spawning success of warm water native fish species such as Murray cod, golden perch and freshwater catfish. Lowering of water levels by one or more metres each winter has probably also contributed to changes in aquatic vegetation and a steady decline in fish catches.

Large numbers of golden perch were stocked between 1984 and 1990 but angler catches remained poor. The water is no longer being stocked with fish although research is underway to determine how to improve the fishery. Some anglers report catching only carp. Source - DPI Victoria

* A Fishing Licence is required to fish on Lake Nagambie & Goulburn Weir. These can be purchased from the Visitor Information Centre, Carlinvale Boat Hire, Nagambie Hardware and the Nagambie Newsagency.

Power boats are permitted on Lake Nagambie. A 5 knot speed limit applies to Goulburn River, Goulburn Weir and Lake Nagambie after dark.
Concrete boat ramp provided. A launching fee is payable for use of the Lake Nagambie Boat ramp at McNamara Point. Monies collected are used to offset the cost of maintaining safe access to the waterway.
Earthen boat ramp facilities suitable for small hand launched boats/punts are located beside the Mitchellstown & Chinaman's Bridges as well as at Turners Island and Major's Creek.
Download the Boating Map HERE. (Requires adobe reader)

Camping and other accomodation including hotel, motel, caravan parks, and resorts are located at Nagambie. See the Accommodation page for details.

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