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Tinaroo Falls Dam ( Lake Tinaroo ). Atherton / Yungaburra. Nth Qld

TINAROO Falls Dam was constructed in 1958 on Barron River. It holds 436 500 mega litres of water, has an average depth of 13 meters and has a surface area of 3360 hectares.
The dam wall is mass gravity concrete construction that is 45 meters high, 533 meters long and 35 meters thick at the base.
Lake Tinaroo extends 15 kms upstream with a shoreline of approximately 210 km.

Fishing species include: Archerfish, Bony Bream, Eel-Tailed Catfish, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Mouth Almighty, Northern Saratoga, Sleepy Cod, Silver Perch, Snub Nosed Gar, Sooty Grunter and Redclaw Crayfish. Tilapia were illegally introduced into Lake Tinaroo and have established themselves. This pest species should be destroyed if caught.
The main drawcards to Tinaroo Dam are the Sooty Grunter (in excess of 6 kg) and barramundi (recorded to 45 kg).
* A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) is required to fish within Lake Tinaroo.

Boating Access
There are no boating restrictions with several concrete boat ramps available.

Camping / Accommodation
There are numerous camping and/or accommodation sites available around the lake. See the Accommodation Page for details.

Facilities include toilets, picnic tables, showers, kiosk, public telephone, drinking water, food & fuel available.

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Lake Tinaroo Map

Tinaroo Falls Dam Map

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Tinaroo Falls Dam / Lake Tinaroo Water Level Guage & Graph
Tinaroo Falls Dam Water Level

Tinaroo Dam Map

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