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Pine Rivers Fish Management Assn

Lake Kurwongbah ( Sideling Creek Dam ) - Petrie. Qld

Fact Box
Lake Kuwongbah
Construction Date 1984
River System Sideling Creek / North Pine River
Capacity 14 560 Mega litres
Catchment area 5247 hectares
Surface area 328 hectares
Maximum depth 15 meters

Fish Present
Tilapia, Eels, Spangled Perch, Eel-tailed Catfish & Bony Bream.

Stocked Fish
Assisted by Sweetwater Fishing Australia a Fish Stocking Program was implimented on Lake Kurwongbah with the fish being released in the summer of 2007/08.
Stocked fish species will include Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga and Snub-nosed Gar.
It is expected that Mullet may be considered for restocking in future years (when permitted by DPI&F)
This program will be administered by the Pine River Fish Management Assn (PRFMA)

In just a few short years Lake Kurwongbah should become a great fishing location for anglers on the north side of Brisbane.

Powered boating at present is only permitted to the local water skiing club.
Currently no other boating (canoe / Kayak included) however negotiations are underway for limited access.

Bank access is permitted.
The eastern shoreline is easily accessed from the dam wall on Dayboro Rd along through Petrie Park to Mick Hanfling Park on Torrens Rd, Petrie.

At Mick Hanfling Park electric BBQs, shelters, picnic tables and toilets are provided.
There is car parking spaces for dozens of cars and plenty of open grassed areas for kids to play or to wet a line.

Camping is not permitted at Lake Kuwongbah.

Hotel / Motel available in Petrie. See Accommodation page for details.

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Feedback / Comments
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Facilities provided Permitted activities signage
Great Facilities are provided at Mick Hanfling Park.
The signs say it all. Bank access only at this time.

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Lake Kurwongbah Map

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