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Lake Samsonvale ( North Pine Dam) - Petrie. Qld

Lake Samsonvale Fact Box
River System: North Pine River
Capacity 215 000 mega-litres
Surface Area 2 200 hectares
Average Depth 10 meters

Fish Present
Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga, Snub Nosed Gar, Tilapia, Eels, Spangled Perch, Catfish & Lungfish.
Lungfish are totally protected and must be returned to the water immediately.
Redclaw crayfish were illegally released into Lake Samsonvale and have established a population.
At times it is the redclaw crayfish that attract most attention to this lake.

Stocked Fish
Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Mary River Cod & Saratoga.
*Tilpaia are a Noxious fish. They must not be returned to the water in any way & must not be taken away.
Tilapia should be disposed of in bins provided at the lake or buried above the high water mar.
Large penalties may apply to offenders.

Boating at present is only permitted via an access scheme run the the local fish restocking group (PRFMA) in the main arm of the lake.
Permits cost $100 / annum. Monies raised are utilised for future fish stocking initiatives.

Bank access only is permitted at offical recreation areas.

Camping is not permitted at LakeSamsonvale.

Hotel / Motel available in Petrie. See Accommodation page for details.

Fish Restocking Group
Pine Rivers Fish Management Assn.

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Lake Samsonvale Access Areas
Signs like this were erected at access points in 2007

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Lake Samsonvale Map

Lake Samsonvale Map

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Lake Samsonvale Water Level Guage / Graph

North Pine Dam Map



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