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Boondooma Dam ( Lake Boondooma ) - 20km NW of Proston. Qld

Located around 20 km northwest of Proston, and 75 km from Kingaroy, Boondooma Dam is a leisurely three and a half hour drive northwest of Brisbane.
The Boondooma Dam was constructed in 1983 across the Boyne river below it's confluence with the Stuart to supply water to the Tarong power station and as is the case at so many impoundments, takes its name from the original property in the area.
It has a capacity of 210 000 mega litres under the 1920 Ha of surface area and has an average depth of 11meters.

Boondooma has had a very mixed stocking history being one of the only impoundments to be stocked with both Murray Cod & Mary River Cod in the past as well as the continued stocking of bass, golden perch, silver perch & saratoga.
There is also a naturally occurring population of Tandans (Eel tailed catfish) and spangled perch.

In 1993/94 approximately 60 - 65 000 Barramundi were released into Boondooma as it was felt that this was possibly the furthest south that barra could survive.
To date there have been only a couple of reported captures here and since then no further barra releases have taken place.
Since that time, Barramundi have been a hit at lakes at the same latitude but closer to the coast.

Recently Tilapia have been found at Boondooma Dam and seem to have become established in the lake. If you catch one of these pest fish, please destroy it.

A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) is required to fish at Lake Boondooma.

There is a good quality, two laned boat ramp provided.
There are normally no boating restrictions on Lake Boondooma however there is a no fishing / boating zone around the dam wall.

Camping & Accommodation
Camping is permitted on site with limited cabins available. See Accommodation page for details.

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Boondooma Dam Wall
Balancing Rock

Boondooma Dam Map

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Lake Boondooma Map

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