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Lake Kajarabie ( Beardmore Dam ) - St George. Qld

Situated 21Km north-east of St George lies Beardmore Dam / Lake Kajarabie.
Constructed in 1972 for irrigation & town water the Beardmore Dam holds 81 800 ML of water at 100% capacity at an average depth of 2.4 metres and has a surface area of 3350 ha.
The Beardmore Dam & the lake it created (Kajarabie) impound water for some 75km along the Balonne River and almost 20 km along the Maranoa River.

Closed Waters are in place at the dam and fishing is prohibited 100 metres upstream and 200 metres downstream of the wall.
Due to the size of Lake Kajarabie & the distances upstream without weirs, Golden Perch, Silver Perch & Murray Cod breed naturally keeping the lake & rivers naturally stocked to some degree. However there is still a need to stock fish in the lake.

Stocked fish are Murray Cod, Golden Perch (Yellowbelly) and Silver Perch.
There are naturally occurring populations of Tandans (eel tailed catfish) and Spangled Perch.
There are also European carp in Lake Kajarabie, Balonne River & Maranoa Rivers. Any Carp caught must be immediately killed in a humane manner & no part put back into the water under any circumstances, including for use as bait. (Penalties apply)

Boating is prohibited within 100 metres of any dam wall or weir in Queensland, including the Border Rivers.
Other than a 40 knot speed limit and normal boating rules, no other boating restrictions apply.

Great care should be taken near the marker buoys just downstream from the boat ramp. A large concrete pad has been installed inside the buoy line and various obstructions are in place on and around the pad.

Caution is advised when travelling around the lake by boat due to many areas of shallow water, submerged tree stumps and some standing timber.

There is a boat ramp provided, however when water levels are low a 4x4 will be necessary. Seek local advice.

There is no camping permitted at Beardmore Dam / Lake Kajarabie.
There are various private properties that permit bush camping downstream along the Balonne River downstream towards Jack Taylor Weir.
Hotel / Motel style Accomodation is available in St George. See Accommodation page for details.

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Beardmore Dam / Lake Kajarabie Map

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